Primary Concept on Computer Technology

Some Basic Concept on Computer Science & Technology
What is Computer?
Computer is an electronic device, which can perform arithmetical as well as logical operations.
What is Bit ?
A Bit is the smallest unit of Storage Capacity.

What is Byte ?
A set of eight Bit is Called Byte.

What is Bus ?
The Bus is a Hardware component that Carries data within and between the Microprocessor, RAM and Peripherals.

What is Drive ?
A Drive is a storage device used to write to and read from a Storage Medium.

What is Microprocessor ?
A Microprocessor is the component of the system unit that performs the actual processing of data

What is a program ?
A set of instructions called Program.


What is Software ?
Software refers to a set of interlinked programs , which directs a computer to perform specific tasks.


How many types of Software?
There are two types of Software

1. Application Software
2. System Software

What is Application Software ?
Software employed by users to accomplish specific Tasks is called Application Software.


What is System software ?
Software that provides basic functions of the computer is called system software.

What can you do with Menu bar?
With the menu bar , one can display and chose various tasks associated with a window or program.

What is menu Item?
Menu Items areCommands within the menu bar that allow chosing of functions and tasks.

What is Notification Area?
The Notification Area is on the bottom right side of the desktop and holds system Icons that allow for function such as changing the time and volume of the computer.

What is password ?
Protection from unwanted or unauthorised use of your computer can be accomplished with a password. It prevents access by those who do not know the password.

What is Quick launch bar ?
The Quick launch bar displays commonly used applications it located on the taskbar.

What is Active window and inactive window?
The Active window is the window with which you are currently working. All the windows except for the active window are called inactive windows.

What can you do with calculator program ?
The calculator program in windows xp can perform basic calculations as well as scientific and statistical calculations

what can you do with Date and time properties ?
Date and time properties allows for changing of time zones, dates and time of day.


What is folders?
Folders contain files or other folders and are represented by a yellow folder in windows XP.

What is Help and Support ?
Help and support is feature of windows XP that provides answers to technical problems.

What can you do with My Computer?
From My Computer, you can easily access your files and the control panel and you can also change settings.

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