Input Devices of Computer: Technology of modern world

• Some of the important computer input devices are:  
• Mouse 
• Keyboard 
• Scanner 
• Microphone 
• Web camera 

• Used to point to and select options displayed on the monitor 
• Connected to the system unit by means of a long wire 
• May have two or three buttons 
• Left button is the most frequently used button 
• Scroll mouse comes with a wheel between the left and right buttons  
• Optical mouse is a pointing device that detects movement by sensing changes in reflected light 
• When you move the mouse on a flat surface, you will see an arrow moving on the screen 
• This arrow is known as the mouse pointer 
• A mouse pad is a small mat with a plastic surface and a rubber or plastic-base cushion on which you can move a mouse

• Used for typing text into the computer 
• Also known as the standard input device 
• Most commonly available computer keyboard has 104 keys  
There are different types of keys on the keyboard: 
• Alphanumeric keys 
– They include letters and numbers 
• Punctuation keys 
– They are the colon (:), the semicolon (;), the question mark (?), single quotes (‘) and double quotes (“) 
• Special keys 
– They are Arrow keys, Control keys and Function keys (F1 to F12) 
• Function keys 
– They are special keys that are used to perform specific functions 
– They are labelled as F1, F2, F3 and so on till F12 
– The F1 key in most software is to provide help on the software 
The insertion point is the blinking line that indicates the position on the screen where the text will appear as it is being typed 

• Used to make an exact copy of a picture or a photograph 

• Is a device used to record sound
• Converts sound waves into audio signals
Web Camera

• A device that captures images and records in the computer

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