The CyberFire Football Set incorporates a reflective foam ball and LED-equipped ‘glasses

Have you ever seen children out on the playground, playing some made-up game that only they know the rules to? Well, Play Visions’ CyberFire Football Set is kind of like a high-tech version of that. While onlookers just see a couple of kids with funny-looking headgear on, passing a foam football back and forth, those kids will see what appears to be a green or red fireball streaking through the air between them.

The CyberFire ball incorporates a “special retro reflective fabric,” while the glasses (except, they’re not really glasses) feature colored LED bulbs that emit a specific spectrum of light. When that light strikes the ball from a distance as far as 200 feet (61 meters), day or night, it is very brightly reflected back. By flipping a switch, users can choose between green or red light.
While onlookers would undoubtedly see some of the effect, the idea is that the two glasses-wearing players will be the only ones to see it in its “full glory.”

The CyberFire Football Set is available via the Play Visions website, for US$24.99. A single-player Hi Bounce Ball Set can also be purchased, for $14.99.

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