Angry Birds is one of the most popular time-pass games :Now Play On Any Website That You Wish

Now you can play Angry Birds anywhere that you wish for and on any website that you like. We are describing below the process of doing just that.
Angry Birds is a popular game based on a story that some green pigs stole some of the birds’ eggs and now these pigs are relaxing in their castles. The birds which certainly became angry are seeking revenge and plan to destroy the castles where these pigs are hiding.
The above described plot is the plot for original Angry Birds game that most of us have already played on mobile phones or on our desktop. Now Nokia Argentina has created another version of the game where the main characters are the same – Birds as hero and Green pigs as villains but now, these pigs would be hiding in your favourite web pages you intend to play on.

  • Just do the following to experience the amazing feature:
  • Drag this Angry Birds bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar
  • Open your favourite website where you want to play Angry Birds on
  • Now press the bookmarklet
  • Play the game using your mouse to strike those villain pigs and enjoy how different elements of the web page shatter and fall

You will truly enjoy playing this game on different websites. Just enjoy the fun and tell us how you feel about this game.

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