HTC will launch its 3 Windows phone 8 models namely HTC Zenith

Rumours are buzzing around that HTC will launch its 3 Windows phone 8 models namely HTC Zenith, HTC Accord and HTC Rio. Most probably these 3 smartphones are expected to launch in October.
HTC Zenith being a top class model will have 4.7” 720p Super LCD 2 Display. It will have an 8MP Camera and HSPA+. HTC Zenith will sport a Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor.
HTC Accord is mid range phone which will a 4.3” Super LCD 2 Display with 720p Resolution. It will have Dual Core Qualcomm MSM8260A Snapdragon S4 Processor with 1 GB of RAM. HTC Accord will also have 8MP Camera with 1080p Video Recording, 42Mbps HSPA+, and NFC Support.
HTC Rio is a lower end device which has a 4” Capacitive Display with WVGA 800×480 p Resolution. It also has a 512MB RAM, 5 MP Camera, 14.4Mbps HSPA and 720p Video Capture. Though HTC Rio is a low-end device but it features a premium power with Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8227 S4 with a dual core chip.
HTC Rio and HTC Accord are expected to arrive in October while HTC Zenith will launch at quarter end.

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