How to Apply for new SBI ATM Debit card Online

You can apply for the new SBI ATM Debit card Online without visiting the Branch, if you have an OnlineSBI Account. You can use your SBI Profile Password or OTP method to apply new SBI ATM Card online.

Follow below steps to apply for new SBI ATM/Debit card through online.

Step 1 : Login to

Step 2 : Click on ‘e-Services‘ on top Menu and Then click ‘ATM Card Services‘ .

There you can see different SBI ATM Card Services options

  • Block ATM Card
  • ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change
  • ATM PIN Generation
  • New ATM Card Activation
  • Request ATM/Debit Card

Step 3: Click on ‘Request ATM/Debit Card’


Step 4 : Select the Mode of Validation, Using One Time Password or Using Profile Password.

Apply New ATM Debit Card - Option-Validate

How to Apply New SBI ATM Card Online Using OTP (One Time Password Method) 

Step 5 : Click on ‘Using One Time Password (OTP). Now you will get an OTP in your SBI Registered Mobile Number.

Apply New ATM Card -OTP Method

Step 6: Enter the OTP Received in your registered Mobile Number and click on ‘Submit’.

Now you will be redirected to a screen, there you can see your SBI account numbers and branch details.

If you select the Profile Password Method, you can enter your SBI Profile Password and Proceed.

Step 7: Select Your Primary SBI Account Number and then enter the ‘Name on the Card’ (SBI ATM Card). Also select the type of the Card from the dropdown selection.

Select Primary SBI Account

Step 8: Check the Terms and Conditions and then Select the ‘I Accept Terms & Conditions‘ box. Then click on ‘Submit‘ button.

Confirm the details in the next page and Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Now you can see a Success message ‘Congratulations ! your card request has been recorded. You will receive your debit card within 7-8 working days at your registered address.’

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