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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition review — how the fighter should have launched

[ad_1] REVIEW: I’ve been thoroughly invested in Street Fighter V for the last two years. It’s my “main game.” The thing I play when I am done doing adult stuff, usually involving other games. It’s to the point where I run a local tournament dedicated to Street Fighter V every…

Securitize launches ‘ICO in a box’ platform

[ad_1] EXCLUSIVE: Companies looking to raise funding through an ICO without having to juggle regulations from the SEC and numerous other regulatory bodies around the world can now conduct simple plug-and-play ICOs. Securitize, a new company spun out of tokenized VC fund Spice VC, is launching a platform Thursday that…’s Alexa skill is giving people bad dating advice

[ad_1] today launched a new Alexa skill that gives people first date advice, and it’s not great — not in every regard at least. The Alexa voice app does deliver some helpful tips, like you may want to wait two days to message someone after the date, and the average…

Looming shortage of critical isotopes sparks pricy nuclear medicine race

[ad_1] Enlarge / A dose of Tc-99m to be used in an upcoming scan. (credit: Getty | Rene Johnston) There’s a mad dash for a vital radioactive isotope that’s used in about 50,000 medical procedures every day in the US, including spotting deadly cancers and looming heart problems. Currently, access…

Nomad’s new wireless charging hub is a traveler’s best friend

[ad_1]  If you spend any meaningful amount of time in hotels, you’ll know that many of them are still living in the age of the 30-pin adapter, even though most of us have already moved on to Lightning, wireless charging and USB-C. So it’s essential to pack charing equipment to…

Nintendo’s Labo playset slaps the Switch into build-your-own cardboard toys

[ad_1] Enlarge / Nintendo Labo looks like a trip. (credit: Nintendo) Nintendo has announced a new build-your-own-accessories line for the Switch console, dubbed Nintendo Labo. It will arrive on April 20 worldwide. Labo's two playsets, the $69.99 Variety Kit and the $79.99 Robot Kit, come with marked cardboard sheets that…

With HomePod around the corner, Siri’s “give me the news” feature exits beta

[ad_1] Enlarge (credit: Apple) When you say "Hey Siri, give me the news" to your iOS device, Siri will now immediately begin playing a daily news update from a popular news podcast—NPR by default in the United States. Coming shortly before the launch of the HomePod smart speaker, also powered…

Samsung reportedly working on Exynos 5G modem to power its phones in 2019

[ad_1] Samsung only briefly touched upon 5G at CES last week, but behind closed doors, the Korean company was reportedly showing off Exynos 5G, a prototype 5G-compliant modem designed for mobile devices. Described by BusinessKorea as part of Samsung’s plan “to significantly reduce its reliance on U.S. telecom modem chips…

Nintendo Labo combines the Switch with cardboard for new interactive experiences

[ad_1] Nintendo revealed a new line of games for the Switch. Nintendo Labo has users creating unique docks for the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers to make new experiences. Its first products will come out on April 27. In the reveal video, examples including creating a cardboard piano, a robot-like backpack,…

Nintendo’s bringing DIY robots and more to the Switch using cardboard

[ad_1]  Nintendo’s big new surprise interactive experience for the Switch is now official, and it’s basically a maker kit for the portable console which uses cardboard component pieces to allow people to build a range of different creations and play with them using the console to power games that interact…