How to Sync Faces Across Devices in Apple Photos

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Faces section in iOS Photos app
Khamosh Pathak

Apple Photos has a built-in facial recognition feature that gives you full control over identifying and syncing faces across your devices. Here’s how you can add names to faces in Photos app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How Faces and People Synching Works in Apple Photos

Apple’s People feature automatically recognizes people and creates collections of photos for a person. The service doesn’t assign a name, and it won’t link them automatically to a contact (like Google does)—you have full control over the process. This does mean you’ll have to go in and manually add names for people in your photos.

As of iOS 11 and macOS Sierra, the face syncing across Apple devices happens automatically. You need to identify a face only once for it to sync across all your devices.

How to Add Faces on iPhone or iPad

The fastest way to add names to faces in the Photos app is by using your iPhone or iPad. Open the Photos app and go to the “Albums” tab.

Tap on Albums tab to switch to it

Swipe down on this page until you see the “People and Places” section. Here, tap on the “People” album.

Tap on the People album from the Albums tab

You’ll see a grid of identified faces. Tap on a face to see all of their associated photos. The Photos app might ask you to review additional photos. To do that, tap on the “Review” button.

Select a face from the People album

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