How to Hide Twitter Replies

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Twitter Hide Replies
Justin Duino

Twitter is experimenting with a new tool that allows users to hide replies to their tweets. The feature is specifically made to hide unwanted and spam comments from a post that distract from the conversation. Here’s how it works on mobile and desktop.

Hide Twitter Replies

Start by finding a reply to one of your tweets that you want to hide. Next, click or tap on the down arrow located on the right side of the troublesome tweet.

Twitter Mobile Hide Replies Click Down Arrow

From the menu that pops up, click or tap on “Hide reply.”

Twitter Mobile Hide Replies Click Hide Reply

The first time you try hiding a reply, you will see the following message. Click or tap “Hide reply” again to complete the action.

Twitter Mobile Hide Replies Pop-up Dialog

The next time you try hiding a reply, the tweet will be moved to a separate location without you needing to confirm.

Unhide Twitter Replies

Tweets with hidden replies will have a “hidden reply” icon somewhere alongside the status’ other details. Anyone viewing your tweet will be able to see the icon and view the hidden responses.

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