iPhone Sales In China Have Dropped By More Than 50%

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The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc around the world where it has not only infected thousands, it has also killed quite a number of people who were infected as well. However, it also has huge implications for businesses, where many are suffering as a result of the virus, such as airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, and so on.

Even electronics companies such as Apple are feeling the heat, where according to a recent report from the South China Morning Post, it has been revealed that Apple’s iPhone sales in China have slumped rather dramatically by more than 50%. According to the figures, Apple only managed to ship close to 500,000 units in February 2020.

This is less than half of what the company shipped back in January 2019 where it was at an estimated 1.27 million units. It has been suggested that the slump could be attributed to the coronavirus outbreak which has forced many businesses to halt operations temporarily, including companies part of Apple’s supply chain.

Apple had even closed their stores in China for around two weeks in February, which no doubt affected sales of their products. This could continue to get worse as there are reports claiming that Apple’s iPhone SE 2 and its 5G iPhone 12 could be delayed as a result.

iPhone Sales In China Have Dropped By More Than 50%

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